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The right for each state to protect its sovereignty

In a world of mobility and trade, states face growing challenges: securing borders, identifying and protecting citizens, guaranteeing that everyone’s rights are respected, managing and securing data, modernising their governance. IN Groupe commits itself to helping states exercise their sovereignty by making it possible for them to accomplish their missions.
Three key principles form the cornerstone of a state’s sovereignty: guaranteeing that its citizens are recognised all over the world thanks to identity documents, protecting its territory and borders, and ensuring that its population’s personal data remains confi dential.
As the historic partner of the French state, IN Groupe meets these challenges on a daily basis. We have all the skills necessary to provide to all states the solutions that correspond to their own requirements.

Choosing IN Groupe means choosing a trustworthy partner, wholly government owned, specialised in securing data and mastering identity’s full value chain.

IN Groupe provides sound help to governments, so that each state can exercise its right to sovereignty.