Product Traceability and Sensitive or Regulated Documents

Certifying the life cycle of products and documents

Ensuring the traceability of sensitive or regulated products and documents involves significant challenges, to which IN Groupe responds with solutions that:

  • Identify their origin and authenticate them
  • Ensure the inviolability of the container and guarantee the integrity of the contents to prevent tampering
  • Guarantee that information related to their traceability and origin can be verified according to the associated rights
  • Audit the chain of events along the route taken by a product or document
  • Build reliable statistical indicators on these products and documents
  • Are able to connect additional digital services, to make traceability control smoother, more user-friendly, etc.
  • Enable and ensure secure the identification of each stakeholder within the ecosystem and the life cycle of the product or document
  • Can track them until they are ultimately destroyed or recycled

Our comprehensive solution for product and document traceability

IN Groupe, a trusted partner for governments and sensitive industries and services, develops and executes your large-scale projects to guarantee sovereignty and fight crime whilst simplifying use.

Our offer is aimed at global players, present on regulated manufactured product markets, facing high-level security challenges in production, distribution and circulation of products or documents.

We are there to assist you in meeting these requirements and ensure your compliance with regulatory obligations and collection of taxes and fees for the use of your licences. In this way, we help you fight against counterfeiting and parallel markets, ensuring trust within the ecosystems.

A secure digital identifier for bicycle tracking

A secure digital identifier for bicycle tracking

IN Groupe was entrusted by APIC with the design of the trust system for cycle identification to contribute to the traceability of bicycles.

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Tobacco Tracking System for the General Directorate of Customs and Excise (DGDDI) in France

In the context of European Directive 2014/40/EU of 3 April 2014, France has committed to implementing a traceability and authenticity guarantee system for tobacco products.

The objective: to fight against smuggling and counterfeiting of these products in order to support public health's policy against smoking.

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