Identity Systems for Regulated Professions

Professional card

Dedicated ID solutions

Including firefighters, government employees, taxi drivers and more, regulated professions employ secure identification and authentication systems. This ecosystem includes processing and authentication solutions for issuing professional cards, as well as a host of electronic services on a dedicated platform.

This offer enables regulated professions not only to securely validate the conditions for working, but also to combat fraud.

For regulated professions, IN Groupe takes a two-pronged approach:

  • secure identification, using a secure personal card
  • services relating to this ID and its daily management

Cardholders are able to prove they satisfy all the legal requirements to work in this job. The card incorporates the latest security technologies, including the 2D-Doc solution, which allows a Visible Digital Seal (VDS) to be integrated

As for the services, these are provided via an electronic ecosystem allowing each party involved – the professional as well as the Order that regulates his or her conditions of practice, or even the government – to access the services needed. This ecosystem may include mobile apps, as in the case of law enforcement agencies, which use a mobile app for checking the conformity of VTC (minicab) cards in the field.