Travel Documents

Improving your border control efficiency and security

Passenger numbers are increasing and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates that 7.8 billion people will travel by air in 2036. This figure is almost double the current volume. The risks of illegal activities, such as identity theft and terrorism, are becoming global. As for travellers, they expect an easier and more efficient experience. At the same time, governments are tending towards a greater freedom of movement that is both safe and less congested.

Your travel documents must respond to these challenges. They are at the very core of our business. Our promise: to design solutions that offer confidentiality and independence to our clients to assist them in designing and issuing functional and highly secure travel documents.

Our security expertise behind your travel documents

We collaborate with international experts in border security (Interpol, IATA, ICAO, etc.). Together, we define strategies in line with developments in fraud and attacks. Our goal is to adapt and multiply security components, with a steady focus on fast, reliable verification, which is essential for border control authorities.

Travel documents tailored to your individuality

Your travel documents help convey your values and national identity, which is why our creative teams adjust the graphic, technical and software design to your needs. This ensures that the final result meets your expectations as closely as possible. Our integrated production line also allows us to create prototypes. We continue forward with you step by step in a spirit of cooperation and transparency.

Maintaining your travel document production independence

We integrate the security elements required by the ICAO and select the most advanced non-exclusive technologies (CAI, CMI, CHI, ASF, etc.) so you maintain your independence. Our agnostic approach adapts to your security, identity and functional requirements.