Access Security for Public Places and Events

Identifying groups, controlling traffic and managing access rights

Monitoring and managing differentiated access for people and vehicles to large public spaces and event venues are challenges to which IN Groupe has responded. Our solutions are designed to:

  • identify, authenticate and differentiate populations according to their profiles, before and at the time of their access to the public area or the location of the event covered,
  • create electronic identities so people can move freely,
  • manage complex access rights and control the flow of traffic.

We create a temporary digital identity that includes people's biometric and biographical data and combine these data with contextual information related to the event or secure area in order to automate their passage through the contact points.

Our secure access control gates monitor, analyse and validate the identity of the person presenting themselves, using multibiometrics (facial recognition, fingerprint, iris, voice) and help to promote smoother traffic whilst guaranteeing a high level of security.