Facilitating the Traveller Experience

Making the traveller's journey a smooth and timely experience

Throughout the passenger's journey, the current multiple and repetitive baggage check, transfer and airport screening operations slow down the flow of the trip. Today's travellers expect an easier experience. This means simplifying the necessary checks, without compromising security, for all players in the airport ecosystem, including border authorities.

This is the goal of the solutions we offer to improve the mobility of people. They facilitate and accelerate the movement of passengers by automating traveller screening and increasing their autonomy.

The result is a secure, smooth and paperless journey.

Covering every stage of the passenger's journey

From the time of leaving for the airport to boarding, each step of travellers' journeys currently requires them to produce their travel documents. Our solutions, in line with changes in government control rules and in compliance with ICAO and IATA recommendations, will enable passengers to create their DTC (Digital Travel Credential) even before they enter the airport. This token will follow them to their destination and provide the authorities with a secure and complete picture of each traveller's journey.

Our eGate/ABC gate (Automatic Border Control), Kiosk and Totem solutions along with our pre-security and boarding gates manage facial and/or fingerprint recognition. They record and check the biometric, biographical and travel information of passengers and provide it to the actors in the travel ecosystem.