Dedicated Infrastructure Operator Solutions for Traveller Mobility

Streamlined and secure identity management solutions to optimise the flow of travellers

Facilitating border crossings without compromising security is becoming an inescapable imperative for governments. Meanwhile, travellers are demanding a simplified travel experience from their homes to their destinations.

This has led to recommendations and standards being proposed by international organisations such as the IATA, with the One ID concept, or the ICAO/IATA, with the creation and use of a DTC (Digital Travel Credential). These initiatives encourage the use of a temporary digital identity that includes travellers' biometric and biographical data and links these to their travel information in order to automate their passage through the various contact points in an airport or other means of transport.

The aim is to achieve system interoperability between airports, airlines and governments and reduce repetitive identity checks to create a continuous flow of passenger traffic, whilst maintaining a high level of security, based on biometric recognition.

Identifying passengers at each contact point on their itinerary

With integrated identity management, passengers will be able to give their consent in advance and then be recognised at each checkpoint along their journey, from their home to the airport. Our systems will create a temporary digital identity, token or Digital Travel Credential (DTC). The traveller will then be able to present this token, or temporary identity, at each stage of their journey. This highly secure solution also meets the challenges of personal data protection.

We have what it takes to position ourselves as a major One ID concept and digital identity player for the world of travel

Our passenger identity management solutions are adaptable and integrate these requirements now. They include several technological building blocks necessary to position ourselves firmly within the One ID and DTC solutions: secure digital identity, border crossing and risk assessment. Moreover, our innovative portfolio already enables us to offer a smooth, simplified, barrier-free travel experience.