Border Control and Optimisation Solutions

Security at every stage of border crossings

With increasing passenger traffic and heightened threats to national security, the processing of passenger data is becoming ever more complex. Though crucial, it requires the collection, centralisation and examination of a large volume of information, whilst at the same time ensuring quick, simple border crossings. We have therefore developed solutions that enable your authorities to carry out entry and exit checks and risk analysis.

Ensuring secure national management of your border crossings

Our central exit and entry control system covers all verification operations:

  • National surveillance of all border crossing points
  • Archiving of incoming and outgoing travel at a national level
  • Immigration data management
  • Interconnection with the country's 'of interest' lists and external systems

Our system consolidates traveller data for the security of your border crossings

To do this, our solutions interact with traveller databases:

  • Entry/Exit
  • Visa checks
  • ABIS database for biometric identification of individuals: fingerprint, face, iris
  • Watchlists
  • Overstay detection

Our systems then exploit the data available via big data solutions with the goal of analysing risks and detecting atypical profiles early.