Smart Border Security for Your Country

Guaranteeing the security of your borders whilst optimising passenger traffic

Trade is expanding globally, people are travelling more and more and national security threats are intensifying. Border control plays a fundamental role in addressing these challenges and must therefore ensure secure access to your territory in addition to expediting the passage of travellers.

Our all-in-one solution for border control

Our solutions cover all aspects of border control, from document verification, to biometric passenger authentication, to central systems for national management of travellers to and from your territory, as well as manual input of passenger information if required. Our strength lies in our advanced savoir-faire in systems integration and our mastery of security technologies (facial, fingerprint and iris recognition) and data analysis.

Ensuring secure border crossings and a smooth traveller experience

Our solutions include:

  • issuing visas,
  • systems for monitoring entry to the territory,
  • the entire stay,
  • and the traveller's departure.

Everything is designed to facilitate passenger traffic with automated independent control hardware solutions.

To enable controlling authorities to ensure traveller border crossings are secure, our solutions include:

  • biometric identification of citizens within a database (ABIS)
  • risk analysis via big data solutions
  • national surveillance of all border crossing points

Our border control solutions are compatible with your systems

Based on an open architecture, our solutions interface with existing systems. They are scalable to enable integration of , so they can integrate new features.