Secure Identity Systems for Businesses and Professionals

Secure Identity Systems

High level protection and services

IN Groupe takes the reigns of your identity management system. We have comprehensive solutions for:

  • enrolment
  • processing
  • issuing credentials
  • life cycle management

These solutions respect the three identity levels defined by the European eIDAS regulation (low, substantial, high).

Trusted third party for the 2D-Doc solution

We are a trusted third party for the 2D-Doc solution, set up by the National Agency for Secure Documents (ANTS), for issuing physical credentials. This standard enables a Visible Digital Seal (VDS) to be embedded. This  VDS contains the key information needed to certify a physical medium. This validation is carried out in real time using a mobile app that queries a database in order to guarantee the validity of the document and its environment. This combination of physical and logical security offers many businesses and professions the opportunity to use IN Groupe's solutions.

Digitise your approach with IN Wallet

Identities can also be purely electronic. This is the notion of a secure container, which our IN Wallet solution embodies. Biometric elements can also be embedded.

At the same time, IN Groupe is able to manage the life cycle of your professional identity documents (renewal due to loss or expiry), whether they are physical, electronic or digital.

Departmental Fire and Rescue Services Card (SDIS)

In order to provide optimum security for the SDIS and their firefighters, IN Groupe has developed a solution specifically for them. The SDIS card features the 2D-Doc system, which provides direct access to each cardholder's specific information.

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Healthcare Professional Card

Protected by a confidential code specific to its holder, the CPS smart card ensures exchanges are secure and strengthens security for access to software used by healthcare professi...

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This digital service allows Healthcare Professionals to choose between the CPS card, which requires a smart card reader, and the e-CPS, which comes in a mobile digital wallet in th...

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Taxi Driver Professional Card

This card is affixed to the vehicle's windscreen so as to be visible from the outside. It contains the latest security technologies, including the 2D-Doc solution, allowing integra...

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Tachograph Card

IN Groupe designs, produces and markets the tachograph card. We issue and manage the four smart cards associated with the tachograph on behalf of the French Ministry of Transport a...

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Tachograph Driver Card

Any driver of a vehicle of 3.5 T or more whose activity is recorded on the tachograph must have a tachograph driver card associated with their Driver Qualification Card (DQC), both...

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Train Driving Licence Card

This unique personal card is only issued following strict submission of all documents required under existing regulations. This card makes it possible to identify and authenticate ...

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ADR Certificates

Required for transporting dangerous goods, ADR certificates are issued after completion of a training course. IN Groupe handles ADR certificate applications directly from approved ...

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Government Employee Card

IN Groupe offers public services and various government-related organisations the option to equip their employees with an identification card or a strong authentication solution to...

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Departmental Fire and Rescue Services Card (SDIS)

The SDIS card allows access to secure premises and all services using contactless technology. This card allows its holders to prove they are SDIS members and to have the right to m...