Digital Copies of Secure Documents and Credentials

Digital copies

Creating a secure digital identity for access to e-government services

Your citizens have and create a growing number of digital identities, which are essential for logging on to the online applications and services that shape their daily lives. In view of this development, their personal data must be secure, not least to ensure access to your public services.

Delivering our cutting-edge technology to ensure the security of citizens' digital identities

We are committed to delivering a digital identity and services that integrate ease of use, a high level of security and respect for personal data. This promise is made possible thanks to IN Groupe technologies, which enable us to offer strategic innovations in line with citizens' expectations.

Ensuring simple and rapid creation of digital identities

Our solution has the advantage of enabling quick and easy creation of a digital identity from a physical identity document, in a perfectly secure way based on independent technology. Our system ensures protected access to public services and enables official documents to be signed electronically.

Discover how the Principality of Monaco uses IN Groupe to deploy a digital identity system!