Legal Identity

Issuing secure citizen identities

Our solutions support you in asserting your sovereignty, so you can ensure the security of your citizens' identity data and simplify checks when they travel. They also provide your citizens with the guarantee of holding an identity, which they can keep and prove, so that they can enjoy their rights and fulfil their duties: driving, travelling, moving freely, working, finding accommodation, getting medical care, obtaining assistance or voting... In this digital age, we are also paving the way to electronic services under the strictest respect for your citizens' personal data.

Our strength lies in our control over the entire process of creating, producing, issuing and managing the life cycle of documents that constitute a citizen's identity.

Our solutions cover physical and digital national identity systems and documents, digital duplicates of secure documents and credentials, election documents and smart mobility and driver services.

We are able to produce national ID cards (biometric or not), voting cards, air quality certificates (Crit'air sticker), driving licences and registration certificates, manage your citizens' digital identities and offer a remote querying system for driving licences.