Secure Components for Identity Documents, Banknotes and Bank Cards

Security for identities as well as banking and fiduciary transactions

Identity documents play a major role in controlling access to your borders and maintaining security within them. As the lifeblood of your economy, confidence in a currency's value and authenticity and payment method security are crucial to ensuring both your trade and your society run smoothly.

SPS and Surys embody cutting-edge technologies for secure components

In order to meet these challenges, which are essential to asserting your sovereignty, IN Groupe has created a division dedicated to secure components and embodied by our affiliate brands SPS, for secure electronic components, and Surys, for optical and holographic security – two high-tech leaders in their respective markets.

This dedicated division ensures your identity documents, bank cards and banknotes are secure. Its strengths: unique technological know-how combined with proven industrial processes.

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