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Digitized Identities Management Platform (Pass’IN)

Staff mobility, increased collaboration with partners and suppliers, outsourcing of business processes, the growth of Cloud services, etc. are among the rising number of challenges, risks and constraints that businesses and local authorities now have to face.

In such a context what should be done, in a climate of budgetary constraint, to ensure that the right people have access to the right places and the right information?

Choose the Pass’IN offer operated by IN Groupe, which rationalises, unifies and personalises the physical and logical management of identities together with access. Pass’IN is a simple response to complex needs. It provides reliable, sustainable and long-term protection of assets, systems, applications and data against any unauthorised access.

A services platform delivered in SaaS mode from IN Groupe’s secure site at Douai, easily interfaced with all IT systems and dematerialization programs (Actes, COMEDEC, TES, HELIOS, etc.), Pass’IN is based on a unique contact and/or contactless smart card, personalised for each entitled holder and which authorises access:

  • physically to premises/sites and certain services (canteens, car parks, etc.)
  • logically to dematerialized uses and applications linked to the digital identity concerned.

Such an integrated offer helps significantly to reduce IT management costs, improves staff productivity, guarantees compliance and ensures that actions are traceable and imputable.


For the French Ministry of the Interior, a multi-purpose smart card

Pass’IN was selected in 2011 for issue to the 184,000 staff of the Ministry of the Interior.

These new cards are made of polycarbonate In credit card format. They are produced and personalised by IN Groupe using an array of integrated technologies.

Incorporating the highest levels of security, they serve four functions:

  • Identification via a visual (11 specific visuals with particular entitlements for each attached to the different functions)
  • Access to catering facilities via a magnetic strip
  • Controlled access to installations via a contactless chip
  • Authentication for access to IT applications via and IAS contact chip