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Identity offers


Protect identities and highlight passes in a digital environment

The central requirements of the digital economy are to optimise and strengthen the protection of physical access to sites and logical access to data, to ensure that actions are traceable and can be imputed, to comply with regulations and rigorous standards while promoting secure electronic data interchange.

With the added advantage of considerable productivity gains.

IN Groupe, an operator and trust services provider to the State, Local Authorities and the Private Sector, develops and installs high security identity solutions to:

  • Modernise, simplify and secure application and management processes.
  • Identify and authenticate individuals through their passes and credentials, whether sovereign or not.
  • Install and implement electronic services including information systems in SaaS mode, valid electronic signature and electronic archiving with probative value.

IDENTITY solutions in a few figures


multiservice employee ID cards (Orange)

Transport :
2.5 million
secured ID cards

Health :
1 million
ID cards issued

The IN, at the core of integrated digital solutions

IDENTITY solutions guaranteed secure and reliable with real time access to data.

The IN, a trust operator and trust service provider, draws on its professional experience to support its clients in the digital conversion of its day-to-day procedures.

Dematerialized and digital solutions are to improve the service by securing, simplifying and making durable all client/user requests in an environment of trust. This enables to:

Modernise and centralise through complete management of the process:
from application (enrolment) to the issue of a credential or authorisation including multi-channel investigation of the application, life-cycle management and secure use of data.
Facilitate and secure use of electronic ID with:
the modernisation of Information Systems, signatures and electronic signing systems, digital vaults and electronic archiving services.
Improve responsiveness and efficiency by allowing to refocus on your core business through the automation and optimisation of the service.

IDENTITY solutions support clients in a global and personalised process that permits secure management of the data life-cycle. IN Groupe positions itself as a trust operator in the modernisation of processes.

IDENTITY solutions in brief

  • IDENTITY solutions form part of a momentum that brings together, orders and drives a complete integrated process: from request (enrolment) to management of the life-cycle of credentials and passes issued.
  • IDENTITY solutions allow to refocus on core business with the aid of the optimisation and simplification of day-to-day tasks and issuing procedures for credentials and passes.
  • It enables to be more responsive and efficient in an environment of trust, while rationalising your costs and lead times.