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Graphic & Digitized Platform

In the digital age the use of paper often remains unavoidable, especially in the area of administrative relations with citizens. But whenever printing work is launched the same question arises: how do we get the best quality for the best price at the best lead time when there are so many digital and graphic techniques, a hard to co-ordinate the production chain, so that it isn’t easy to find the best way to go?

IN Groupe has the answer. With a centuries old tradition behind it and unique expertise in serving States, government bodies and communities, the IN offers its integrated Graphic & Digitized Platform. It undertakes all types of printing and personalisation work however complex, from advice and pre-press to certified delivery.

In this capacity, it can manufacture documents as varied as secure credentials, personalised government and administrative documents, the full range of consumables (labels, envelopes, paper, etc.), examination papers as well as editorial and promotional publications (magazines, brochures, posters, etc.) and even complex products with a secure zone (integrated), PVC coating of cards or integration of the overlay type.

But Graphic & Digitized Platform goes further. It enhances its printing services with digital services like archiving and digital safes, e-mail and single piece mailing, etc.; services designed to ensure traceability, promote the dematerialization of data, the pooling of costs and compliance with sustainable development policies.

Exemples :

Graphic & Digitized Platform met the needs of the Direction Générale des Finances Publiques (the French equivalent of the Treasury) for its business and personal income tax campaign:
2,500 tonnes of paper bought and processed, 100 different document references for 600 delivery points served

Similarly for the French Ministry of Agriculture in dealing with the requirements of the Common Agricultural Policy, Graphic & Digitized Platform took over the production and personalisation of the documents associated with subsidy payments as well as the photographs of the agricultural land concerned

For Pôle Emploi, the French job centre service, Graphic & Digitized Platform took charge of the production of advertising and publicity literature (flyer, brochures, leaflets) on its Sheet and Rotary section:
43 product references, from 10,000 to over 1 million copies.

Graphic & Digitized Platform is LIRE approved and has 24 accreditations:
A4 office printing, sealable recorded delivery envelopes, print-outs of Cash Desk Batches with and without receipts (SGR1-SGR2), and even continuous Batches with or without receipts