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Did you know? Every year government agencies and local authorities send out about 200 million letters which can represent up to 15% of their operating budget.
Yet today it is possible to make savings of up to 30% on the cost sending letters, including postage (and even 80% in the case of complete dematerialization). How?

By taking up the fully digital Cloud Printing offer, developed in collaboration with the French public general procurement centre, UGAP, which makes it possible to outsource sending letters through the use of Cloud Printing.

Cloud Printing provides complete management: receiving e-mails on the servers at IN’s Douai site, printing in accordance with the client’s selected criteria and dispatch at the lowest postage rates.

Cloud Printing also includes management of receipts (including receipts for returns and non deliveries) together with skilled and secure archiving of proofs of distribution.
Not only does it significantly reduce production costs (paper, envelopes and stamps) but it eliminates:

  • numerous significant budget items like local printers, franking machines, their maintenance and user licence fees
  • Manual and time-consuming tasks such as addressing, signatures, collating, folding documents, envelope stuffing, sending by recorded delivery and archiving (which frees the staff affected for more worthwhile tasks).