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Digitized Management

Every organisation, whether public or private, that holds and manages very sensitive data, credentials or documents, is faced with the necessity of making this information secure. The need for a trusted partner who will ensure its integrity, long term preservation and total confidentiality is essential. This must be a partner who has made physical and virtual security the cornerstone of its identity and who also has the necessary expertise to diagnose problems on the systems hosted.

IN Groupe’s Digitized Management offer provides fully integrated and complete management of complex information systems with or without management of the public key infrastructure (KPI), of sensitive databases or digital identities. Digitized Management is configured to protect the information held and drastically limit access to the applications that make use of it. It is very flexible so that it can be used both within a system run by IN Groupe or independently for hosting purposes alone.

Digitized Management integrates:

  • hosting with data centres located exclusively in a dedicated and highly protected computer room on IN Groupe at Douai.
  • exploitation with a dedicated team of specialists who carry out the necessary updates and system relaunches live and in real time.
  • supervision with multiple control screens and pick-ups installed on the servers, which enable the team not only to maintain the status of the material and software system but also to identify incidents in real time and alert the various contact personnel for immediate action


For the Agence Nationale des Titres Sécurisés (French national secure credentials agency), supervision of IGC/PKI

IN Groupe is the preferred partner of the French national secure credentials agency (ANTS) which issues official credentials. Central to this exclusive collaboration, Digitized Management assumes responsibility for the supervision of the Management of Public Key Infrastructure (IGC/PKI) with the mission of delivering the OLS service of systems and applications.

It does so in the following way:

  • deployment of supervision solutions for data processing installations (production/non-production)
  • surveillance of equipment by a malfunction reporting feature in the supervision tool
  • anticipation of problems by means of thresholds that trigger alerts
  • resolution of incidents through the expertise of the supervision team and product support

This service is supplemented by the regular presentation of service indicator tables.