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Data offers


A trust offer to automate and conserve sensitive data

A central requirement of the digital economy, organisations need to dematerialize, automate, centralise and conserve their data, while complying with a strict regulatory regime.

This solution guarantees and enables greater responsiveness and efficiency while rationalising costs.

DATA solutions in a few figures

1 secure production site


6 million

files digitised
per annum

IN Groupe, from integrator to trust operator

Over and above the requirements of secure electronic archiving, the aim of the DATA solution is to initiate, automate and implement a system that makes it easy to share sensitive data in complete security.

Five Objectives:

Collect data from multi-channel traffic.
Automate and centralise data processing.
Make secure and durable through electronic archiving of probative value and tracability resources complying with CNIL standards and recommendations: timestamping, management of periods of administrative value (DUA), guaranteed integrity and durability over time.
Share and facilitate the accessibility of data while retaining a probative function.
Increase competitiveness and productivity while rationalising costs.

DATA solutions accompany clients throughout the life-cycle of the data, in a secure environment. It gives the IN the unique status of trust operator in the dematerialization of data and archiving of probative value.

DATA solutions in brief

  • DATA solutions are a complete process that revitalises and automates all incoming and outgoing data as well as archiving them electronically in a secure manner.
  • DATA solutions enable to refocus on your job with the aid of automated treatment of the day-to-day tasks and their durability.
  • It enables to be more responsive and efficient in an environment of trust, while rationalising costs and lead times.