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From credentials to more than one set of credentials…

The credentials and hence the identity of a citizen are an absolute priority for every State. States have to certify the “true” identity of citizens, protect them against any form of identity theft while facilitating and improving the flow of the control authorities’ work.

Supplier to the French State and many other international governments, ministries and administrative bodies for several decades, IN Groupe’s CREDENTIALS solutions offer unequalled technical know-how and technological expertise to meet these challenges. It not only devises, develops and delivers these credentials but also implements integrated solutions that meet the most rigorous requirements in terms of security and confidentiality.

CREDENTIALS solutions in a few figures


Foreign government clients

5 million

biometric passports
per annum

3 million

Electronic Driving Licences per annum

1 million

Electronic European Residence Permits
per annum


Officer ID cards(Police, Gendarmerie, Defence, Justice, etc.)


Vehicle Registration Certificates per hour

The IN’s experience at the core of secure and integrated solutions

Credentials are what an individual receives as a function of the rights conferred on him or her. It is the last step in a long and complex process that requires very high levels of security, fast throughput and absolute infallibility. This is precisely where The IN’s experience, knowledge and expertise shows - in defining the parameters of protection of credentials, then their design, production and issue.

In this context, IN Groupe manages the production of several credentials for the French State as well as for foreign governments.

The mission of these durable solutions that support credentials throughout their life cycle is to protect and help verify the identity of citizens in absolute respect for the necessary confidentiality and national sovereignty of each State. They confirm IN Groupe’s role of trusted operator in the personalisation and issue of secure credentials for governments.

Turnkey solutions

CREDENTIALS Solutions not only plan, initiate, install and implement, but also provide long-term support, supervision and maintenance of complete information and production systems centred on three objectives, all requirements for States:

  • To further public governance through the improvement of civil state administration with reliable solutions that enable citizens to be identified and authenticated, from census to voter cards
  • To strengthen security through complete and integrated management of the production of public or professional identity documents at a vey high level of protection, conforming to the highest international standards and using AFIS/biometry techniques

Some of our credentials