Innovative e-Health Solutions

Navigating the digital healthcare revolution together

E-health has become a priority and is therefore developing at great speed. Digital technology is the cornerstone of the sector, whether in clinical research, patient care or patient support. Management function and patient record digitisation and telemedicine consultations require new approaches to working to be taken.

The national e-Health 2020 strategy revolves around several priorities: developing online medicine through a 'big data' health plan, encouraging co-innovation between healthcare professionals, citizens and economic players, simplifying patients' administrative procedures (admission, online appointment scheduling, etc.) with the help of a digital platform facilitating consultation as well as user participation. These projects require enhanced security measures. The protection of medical privilege and respect for personal privacy are societal concerns. For healthcare professionals, the reliability and security of data are essential prerequisites for the use of e-health devices. IN Groupe is their partner, offering them the secure e-CPS mobile authentication application, and is also becoming a national ID provider in the sector ('pro santé connect'), supporting different authentication methods chosen by healthcare parties without impacting user services.

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