IN Groupe Supports Governments in Exercising Their Sovereignty

A trusted partner in responding to the new challenges facing governments in guaranteeing identities as well as banking and fiduciary means of payment

Globalisation and the intensification of trade between countries and continents, along with the accelerating economic, social and mobility needs of citizens and businesses within borders, represent unprecedented hurdles for countries. Faced with this new situation, which affects how they exercise their sovereignty, governments must evolve and adapt to meet these challenges: securing borders, recognising and protecting citizens, guaranteeing respect for everyone's rights, managing and securing data, modernising governance and guaranteeing means of payment.

As part of this transformation process, IN Groupe is committed to working alongside governments as a trusted partner to support them in their day-to-day missions and help them to assert their sovereignty.

With this in mind, we provide countries with tailor-made solutions to meet their key governmental challenges:

  • Guaranteeing their citizens are recognised throughout the world
  • Protecting their territories and borders
  • Making sure their populations' personal data are kept confidential
  • Guaranteeing means of payment

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Legal Identity

Our solutions assist countries in exercising their sovereignty, providing your citizens with the guarantee of holding, keeping and proving their identities, in ...

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Professional Identity

IN Groupe has developed a range of solutions for securely identifying your employees, authenticating them and managing their rights. In addition to an integrate...

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Travel Documents

We design seamless and secure solutions to control borders and enable smart international mobility.

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Smart Border Security for Your Country

From document verification, to biometric authentication of travellers in the field, to central national management systems, our solutions cover all layers of bo...

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Access Security for Public Places and Events

Using our solutions, you can identify, authenticate and differentiate populations according to their profiles, create electronic identities, manage complex acce...

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Comprehensive Digital Public Service Solutions

To simplify applications, speed up the process of obtaining administrative documents and fight fraud, IN Group offers a turnkey digital platform for several dif...

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Processing User Accounts

Whether at a counter, at a service terminal, by post, online or via a mobile phone, IN Groupe handles the procedures for processing user accounts, within the fr...

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Digitising the Flow of Sensitive Documents

IN Groupe's solutions enable companies and public bodies working with sensitive data to ensure their electronic data flows have the highest guarantees of securi...

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Connecting Service Providers with Users, Institutions and Businesses

The OpenID Connect authentication assertion returns government or professional ID information (in the identity token) to the service provider requesting the aut...

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Identity Systems for Regulated Professions

IN Groupe offers a whole ecosystem for regulated profession identification. It includes processing and authentication solutions for issuing professional cards, ...

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Product Traceability and Sensitive or Regulated Documents

Certifying the origin and traceability of sensitive and regulated products and documents entails considerable challenges, to which IN Groupe responds: combating...

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Optical Components for Banknote Security

We design, develop and industrialise optical solutions adapted to the sophisticated challenges inherent to banknotes.

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Optical Components for Identity Document Security

We provide solutions for paper and plastic media to guarantee the authenticity of identity and travel documents.

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Electronic Components for Secure ID Cards and Passports

Tailor-made and compatible with all types of documents and operating systems, our electronic components designed for identity security adapt to your operational...

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