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Helping companies protect their integrity

The digital revolution has turned the economic world upside down. Routine business practices have evolved, the speed of transactions seems limitless and the flow of information knows no borders. These changes bring with them new problems for companies. The data produced by these exchanges are manifold and increasingly sensitive. Changes in legislation have given companies the responsibility of protecting these data from cyber attacks.

Setting up a professional digital identity system now appears to be the first step towards cyber security, at a time when digital technology is also calling for an internal transformation of working methods.

As a trusted partner and a global player in the world of digital identities, IN Groupe offers private sector entities a number of solutions capable of responding to these various challenges:

  • Securing physical and logical access
  • Protecting information
  • Optimising productivity and reducing costs

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Professional Identity

IN Groupe has developed a range of solutions for securely identifying your employees, authenticating them and managing their rights. In addition to an integrate...

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Dedicated Infrastructure Operator Solutions for Traveller Mobility

Reducing repetitive identity checks during a trip, at the airport or when another means of transport is used, in order to create a continuous flow of traffic, w...

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Access Security for Public Places and Events

Using our solutions, you can identify, authenticate and differentiate populations according to their profiles, create electronic identities, manage complex acce...

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Know Your Customer (KYC) Solutions

To simplify applications, speed up the process of procuring administrative documents and fight fraud, IN Group is deploying a turnkey digital platform for sever...

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Supporting and Guaranteeing Trust Ecosystems

By providing the necessary guarantees for issuing qualified certificates based on France Connect's authentication and identification schemes, IN Groupe plays a ...

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Processing User Accounts

Whether at a counter, at a service terminal, by post, online or via a mobile phone, IN Groupe handles the procedures for processing user accounts, within the fr...

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Digitising the Flow of Sensitive Documents

IN Groupe's solutions enable companies and public bodies working with sensitive data to ensure their electronic data flows have the highest guarantees of securi...

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Connecting Service Providers with Users, Institutions and Businesses

The OpenID Connect authentication assertion returns government or professional ID information (in the identity token) to the service provider requesting the aut...

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Multichannel Document Services

When it comes to administrative communication, IN Groupe offers secure document services: desktop publishing, single-piece mail, archiving, various voucher labe...

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Product Traceability and Sensitive or Regulated Documents

Certifying the origin and traceability of sensitive and regulated products and documents entails considerable challenges, to which IN Groupe responds: combating...

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Electronic Components for Secure Transactions, Payments and Travel

Our solutions guarantee reliability, security and compliance with regulatory requirements, whilst enabling the personalisation and differentiation of payment an...

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