Train Driving Licence Card

A must for railway safety

Drivers are required to have the train driving licence card. This unique personal card is only issued following strict submission of all documents required under existing regulations.

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Rigorous approval requirements

  • 1 Testing

    the future cardholder must successfully pass aptitude tests and medical exams

  • 2 Training

    the cardholder must have obtained the necessary training certificates

Railway safety is clearly a very real concern for both the relevant authorities and operators.

The train driving licence card identifies and authenticates the driver

It is also a means of certifying the driver's ability to perform their job. In Groupe offers all the services associated with producing and personalising the card

  • Electronic and paper licence application
  • Manufacture
  • Production report
  • File processing
  • Card life cycle management

Our train driving licence card solutions make it possible to:

  1. Identify and authenticate drivers

  2. Certify their ability to perform their work

  3. Enjoy access to services associated with producing and personalising the card

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