Controlling passenger access to reserved areas and lounges

Our Totem solution helps control passenger access to reserved areas and lounges.

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A data comparison to confirm whether or not to allow entry

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    IMP data: Totem relies on the comparison with the data stored in the IMP (Identity Management Platform)

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    DTC: Totem relies on the data contained in the DTC and the photo it takes when the traveller appears in front of it

‘By mastering the latest technologies, particularly biometrics, our Totem solution provides highly secure authentication.’

Our cutting-edge technologies ensure the accuracy and high quality of the biometric data collected and the precise authentication of the person appearing in front of the Totem.

  • Reliability
  • Personal data security
  • Smooth and simplified experience for the traveller

Our Totem solution makes it possible to:

  1. Ensure passenger access control to reserved areas and lounges

  2. Rely on cutting-edge technologies

  3. Depend on the data recorded in the IMP and DTC as well as the captured image

  4. Ensure accurate authentication of the person in front of the Totem

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