Taxi Driver Professional Card

Secure cardholder identification

The taxi driver professional card incorporates the latest security technologies, proving that all the legal requirements for driving taxis have been met.

This mandatory card is affixed to the vehicle's windscreen so as to be visible from the outside. It is also intended for motorcycle taxi drivers. This long-lasting card is designed for maximum durability when continuously exposed to UV radiation.

Céline Gouveia

Sales Director Western Europe

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A very high level of security

  • 1 VDS

    The card uses the 2D-Doc solution, with an integrated Visible Digital Seal (VDS)

  • 2 Easy identification

    This secure document makes identifying the cardholder a breeze

The high level of security of the taxi driver professional card makes any attempt at falsification impossible.

Frédéric Laporte

Our taxi driver professional cards are:

  1. Highly secure

  2. Forgery-proof and tamper-proof

  3. Made for easily identifying their holders

  4. Provided with 2D-Doc technology

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