Tachograph Driver Card

The key to driving

Any driver of a vehicle of 3.5 T or more whose activity is recorded on the tachograph must have a tachograph driver card associated with their Driver Qualification Card (DQC), both of which are issued by IN Groupe.

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Numerous elements recorded

  • 1 Activities performed

    Driving, rest, work and availability.

  • 2 Other data

    Driving status, distance travelled, malfunctions and breakdowns.

Our card is compatible with the new EU2016/799 regulation.

Several high-security features

The tachograph driver card has several integrated features enabling its high level of security.

  • Electronic security chip recognised by the on-board box
  • Polycarbonate smart card

Our tachograph driver cards are:

  1. Secure

  2. Compliant with European regulations

  3. Recognised by the onboard box

  4. Exhaustive, with comprehensive information on the driver's activity

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