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Secure Civil Status Certificate

Reinforcing the identity chain

Identity management begins with the issue of a civil status certificate. This document is fundamental as it is needed as proof of identity when applying for an identity card or a passport.

As a consequence, if the certificates are counterfeited or forged and circulate without being detected, fraudsters will be able to fraudulently obtain an authentic identity document, and use a false identity. Here lies a critical flaw in the identity chain of trust.

Unlike travel or identity documents, there is no global standard to harmonize the content and the security features of civil status certificates.

Thanks to its experience of almost 500 years in the field of security and identity documents, IN Groupe has developed a range of secure civils status certificates (birth, nationality, marriage, divorce, death, etc.) that answer the main risks of document fraud.
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International Sales Director

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A range made to measure

We can secure the certificates to facilitate their authentication:

  • Through the design with complex bacgrounds, rainbow printing, micro-lettering;
  • Use of offset printing with inks that react to chemicals or scratching, or inks that are visible only under ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) light;
  • Through silkscreen printing with optically variable inks;
  • Paper which can have a watermark whose complexity may vary, and security fibres;
  • Hologram which can have many different types of effects.

We can ensure the traceability and the integrity of the data:

  • Traceability with a unique and secure identification number;
  • Through the use of a digital security feature such as a Visible Digital Seal to guarantee the origin and integrity of the data printed at personalisation.

End-to-end expertise

  • 1 Co-design

    Analysing document purpose and establishing functionalities
    Identifying the most appropriate physical features
    Creating a secure design and positioning holder data

  • 2 Production

    Sourcing materials and components or manufacturing them in-house
    High security printing and integration of holographic elements
    Unique numbering
    Quality control and traceability at every stage and upon batch release

Secure civil status certificate signing
  • 3 Personalisation

    Personalisation centre set up by IN Groupe and operated by the government or IN Groupe
    Option of a back-personalisation centre on IN Groupe premises
    Secure file reception and checks
    Quality control and traceability at every stage and upon batch release
    National Register with unique identifier

  • 4 Support services

    Programme management
    Buffer stock management
    Provision of checking tools and training for new documents

  1. Issuing civil status certificates of a consistently high quality.

  2. Featuring adequate security against frauds and attacks.

  3. Avoiding unnecessary expense and only selecting security features that add real value to the document.

  4. Using tried and tested technologies to get new documents into circulation fast.

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