Registration Certificate

A highly secure personalised document

The registration certificate allows vehicles to circulate and enables their identification throughout their lifetime. This certificate is required the moment the vehicle hits the road. For your citizens, it is an essential part of exercising their freedom to use their vehicle.

Isabelle Droulez

Sales Manager

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Our challenge: to meet the mobility needs of drivers and to issue registration certificates securely. We produce nearly 11 million certificates each year in France.

Ensure registration certificates are produced within 24 hours

  • 1 Integrated management

    Receipt of files, verification of applications, production of blank certificates, personalisation: our services ensure integrated management of the entire registration certificate issuing process.

  • 2 High stakes

    Meeting the driver's requirement to have an up-to-date registration certificate and enabling authorities to make reliable real-time checks.

Printing registration certificates

Registration certificates are printed at our production site. All our registration certificate production facilities ensure a highly secure process.

  • Watermark
  • Hologram
  • Embossing
  • Laser perforation
  • Personalisation of certificates based on information provided by the National Agency for Secure Documents (ANTS - Agence Nationale des Titres Sécurisés)

Our registration certificates are:

  1. Respectful of personal information

  2. Tightly controlled

  3. Personalised

  4. Secure and Issued quickly

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