Passport Issuing Solution

Controlling the passport issuing process

Our modular passport issuing solution can be adjusted to your requirements. This comprehensive solution covers every step: enrolment, authorisation, personalisation and delivery of passports.

Walter Groppi

International Sales Director

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Travel document standards

Travel document standards are constantly changing to address fraud. They make it possible to simplify and improve verification security. Adapting your issuing systems will enable you to enjoy these advantages, whilst allowing you to maintain your ability to independently issue your citizens' travel documents.

  • 1 Protect your ability to independently issue your travel documents

    Our solutions meet your requirements for autonomy. They are based on open interfaces and non-restrictive system components. Our commitment ensures your independence in the design of your travel documents whilst guaranteeing security and flexibility.

  • 2 Anticipate international standards for travel documents

    Our solutions comply with the strictest international safety regulations. We work with Interpol, ICAO and IATA. These interactions fuel our ability to integrate technological innovations and anticipate changes in international standards.

  • 3 Personalise your travel documents

    We have control over the entire travel document production system. Solution integration, verification, validation and qualification: our engineering tools and processes adapt to your requirements at each design phase.

The benefits and uses for travel documents

  • Independence: our solution is open and based on non-restrictive components. The interfaces of our solution's components are compliant with the OSIA standard, allowing seamless connectivity between all the components of the solution.

  • Project support: our engineering tools and processes are designed to meet your needs and assist you during the creation phase.
  • Robust, scalable system: as a skilled system integrator, In Groupe can implement system design/validation strategies to guarantee our solutions meet the highest levels of quality and reliability.

  • System performance:  our multi-biometric data fusion technology (fingerprints, face, iris) ensures secure identification and authentication of the passport holder.

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