Securing physical and logical access

When it comes to securing identities, there are two spheres to consider. On the one hand, the physical world, i.e. access controls for entering buildings. On the other, the logical world, in this case access to computer applications. The Pass'IN solution makes them one.

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On a single medium, Pass'IN offers four types of uses in the field of secure digital identities:

  • 1 RFID services

    and logical access, respectively, for physical access to premises and access to computer applications and services (online service, enterprise applications, etc.).

  • 2 Visual identification and access to trust services

    Electronic signatures and electronic archiving systems

A contact and contactless chip

At the cutting edge of technological progress, Pass'IN offers a dual solution: a chip with both contact and contactless technologies.

  • IAS ECC standard for storing authentication certificates and the electronic signature
  • Mifare Desfire contactless technology
  • Integration of up to 28 RFID applications (company food service, document printing, access gate, etc.)
  • Dual IAS ECC chip: both contact and contactless to store the key pairs of strong authentication and/or electronic signature certificates
  • eIDAS/RGS** signature certificate
  • WebSSO/Entreprise SSO
  • Electronic archiving
  • 24/7 service portal with unified card and certificate life cycle management
  • Polycarbonate card
  • Interlaced guilloche pattern
  • Secure printing (iridescent background 2/3 – 1/3)
  • Iridescent security ink

Though historically these two categories of chips would not communicate with each other, IN Groupe offers a combined solution. It is therefore possible to process an IAS ECC document without having to insert the card into a reader.

Our Pass'IN solution enables:

  1. Strong authentication and Secure electronic exchanges and digital transactions

  2. Easy physical access control

  3. Technologies proven in many scenarios (driving licences, ministry employee cards, professional cards, etc.).

  4. Convergence: Trust services and RFID services on a single medium

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