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Providing a complete and integrated national identity solution

Adapting to your security challenges and functional objectives within a defined budget framework, whilst respecting your deadlines and constraints this is our commitment for producing your national ID cards.

Walter Groppi

International Sales Director

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Designing identity cards in your image

  • 1 Adaptation

    Your identity documents must reflect your values: we adapt them to include your national symbols.

  • 2 Creation of unique visuals

    Our in-house teams of graphic designers – experts in designing secure documents – employ their unique know-how on daily basis to create visuals that combine the chosen theme with the security elements selected, all without compromising on aesthetics.

Making your ID documents secure

We integrate security elements into every phase of identity document production, from their graphic design to their manufacture and even their personalisation. Because understanding your needs is central to our concerns, we offer you two security option packs that comply with international standards.

  • Our Essential pack satisfies the recommendations issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for travel documents
  • Our Advanced pack completes this pack of elements with optimal security for the price

We have developed several security elements that are both robust and easy to check, such as the transparent edges, the Custom Module Image and the Custom Antenna Image.

How IN Groupe enables the Principality of Monaco to deploy its identity system

IN Groupe offers an architecture that integrates a set of already operational and proven components, based on open standards. These components are the building blocks for any identity platform and include components such as the National ID Card.

Discover how IN Groupe enables the Principality of Monaco to deploy an integrated identity system


Our national ID cards are:

  1. In step with your security, functional, practical and budgetary requirements

  2. Complete, with new integrated features

  3. Adapted, with a level of response in line with the changing uses and expectations of your citizens

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