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Although we are seeing a growing number of mobile and digital identity solutions rolled out around the world, it would be a mistake to think that physical identity documents are now obsolete.

In fact, physical documents are still the cornerstone for a number of successful identity schemes, ensuring that citizens always have the means to protect or prove their identity while benefiting from rights and fulfilling responsibilities: driving, traveling, moving freely, working, securing a place to live, accessing healthcare, receiving support, voting, and more.

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A range made to measure

Understanding your needs is our top priority: we adapt every project to your specific constraints, from features and security requirements to your budget and timeframe for implementation.

To help you choose the best option for you, our range is built around 3 technological solutions:

Domestic ID

For all non-electronic cards requiring a high level of security (e.g. ID cards, driving licenses, residence permits) the Domestic ID solution offers the security and durability of polycarbonate.

A Visible Digital Seal can improve data security and enable derivation of a digital identity.


  • Secure, functional design
  • Durability

Domestic ID front and back
Travel ID front and back

Travel ID

The Travel ID’s next generation electronic chip allows biometric data (photo/fingerprints) to be stored in the document, meaning it can be used for travel in certain economic areas (e.g. European Union, ECOWAS).


  • Interoperability
  • Secure data storage

Multiapp ID

The Multiapp ID solution combines identification and identity-related rights in one card, with apps loaded onto the chip for travel, voting, health services and more.

Identification, authentication and signature functionalities mean holders can access online services and complete transactions securely.


  • Access to online services
  • Wide range of physical features

Multiapp ID front and back
All cards layout

End-to-end expertise

  • 1 Co-design

    Analysing document purpose and establishing functionalities

    Identifying the most appropriate physical and electronic features

    Creating a secure design and positioning holder data

  • 2 Production

    Sourcing materials and components or manufacturing them in-house

    High security printing

    Manufacturing the card body and integrating electronics

    Electronic pre-personalisation optional

    Quality control and traceability at every stage and upon batch release

  • 3 Personalisation

    Personalisation centre set up by IN Groupe and operated by the government or IN Groupe

    Option of a back-personalisation centre on IN Groupe premises

    Secure file reception and checks

    Graphic and electronic personalisation

    Quality control and traceability at every stage and upon batch release

  • 4 Support services

    Programme management

    Buffer stock management

    Secure document destruction at end of life

    New document referencing with international bodies

    Provision of checking tools and training for new documents

    Communication tools for educating citizens

  • 5 Post-issuance management

    Citizen data updates

    Electronic certificate updates

    Integration of additional features to document

  1. Issuing secure cards of a consistently high quality.

  2. Featuring adequate security against frauds and attacks.

  3. Avoiding unnecessary expense and only selecting security features that add real value to the document.

  4. Using tried and tested technologies to get new documents into circulation fast.

Discover our security features for identity cards

How IN Groupe enables the Principality of Monaco to deploy its identity system

IN Groupe offers an architecture that integrates a set of already operational and proven components, based on open standards. These components are the building blocks for any identity platform and include components such as the National ID Card.

Discover how IN Groupe enables the Principality of Monaco to deploy an integrated identity system


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