Mobility Inclusion Card Platform

Pooling stakeholders

The Mobility Inclusion Card is supported through In Groupe's pooled e-administration platform. With this solution, In Groupe ensures the full management of this secure card, which includes issuing it and managing its life cycle.

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Mobility Inclusion Card

Complete management of the Mobility Inclusion Card (CMI)

  • 1 Regarding recipients

    management of the electronic acquisition of their data, information for recipients and organisations on the progress of applications

  • 2 Regarding validity

    real-time verification of the validity of the rights associated with the card

A card to make everyday life easier

A substitue for parking, disability and priority cards, the Mobility Inclusion Card (CMI) is designated for people with disabilities.

  • Card issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
  • Issued through the departmental homes for people with disabilities (Maisons départementales des personnes handicapées – MDPH)

For departmental homes for people with disabilities (MDPH), this turnkey digital solution also has the virtue of refocusing them on their daily mission of support.

Our Mobility Inclusion Card platform makes it possible to:

  1. Facilitate processes for both the Department and cardholders

  2. Achieve shorter processing times

  3. Optimise manufacturing costs

  4. Fight fraud with a centralised database

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