VTC card

Minicab (VTC) Platform

Securing identification of professionals and vehicles

Using an electronic transmission process, prefectures use this platform to validate applications from individuals who have successfully passed the VTC driver test. In Groupe will have already identified and authenticated all the documents provided by the driver and/or company. 

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Digital Services

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A dual authentication and issuing service

  • 1 Drivers

    identification of professionals (VTC card)

  • 2 Professional vehicles

    identification of the vehicles themselves (VTC sticker)

Dedicated VTC plateform

This dual issuing service operates through a dedicated minicab (VTC) platform. IN Groupe also manages payment requests and sending cards to applicants.

  • Fighting fraud
  • Mobile verification of rights
  • Smoother verification operations
  • Electronic processing
  • Smartphone app for law enforcement

The VTC platform is designed to combat fraud and validate the conditions for exercisng a regulated professional activity.

The VTC platform enables:

  1. Authentication of documents submitted

  2. Compliance with high security standards

  3. The mobile verification of VTC card conformity

  4. The future implementation of a business management system allowing access to the entire history of a driver and/or a company

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