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Secure validation of COVID vaccination certificates

Enable secure access to proof of vaccination or test results with the highest level of confidence with an integrated and easy-to-use solution.

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A secure, complete and integrated solution

The IN COVID Pass enables the generation of secure proof of COVID test results and vaccination status reports through to the generation of international COVID certificates. For both citizens and organizations, this solution simplifies processes and offers a controlled way back to normality.

IN COVID Pass is made up of several modules that can be used independently or together. This includes:

  • National Certificate Generation System
  • International Health Pass Generation
  • Certificate Verification
  • Certificate Converter for International certificates

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Why choose IN COVID Pass? The modular solution enables easy integration while maintaining a high level of security:


Convert national documents to meet international standards (ICAO, IATA, and others) and vice versa.


No limitations or impact due to the evolution of regulations and standards.

Mitigate fraud

Secure access to COVID test results and vaccination status with the highest level of confidence.

Integration with legacy systems

The IN COVID Pass integrates with most systems currently being used by health professional making it easy to get started.

Quick and easy deployment

The solution has been defined for a modular approach allowing easy integration into any existing national ecosystem.

Comply with EU standards

IN COVID Pass meets the European Union defined program, Digital COVID

 Certificate, ensuring governments can deploy and start using the solution as quickly as possible.

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How does it work?

IN COVID Pass is an integrated, modular solution that enables secure access to proof of vaccination or test results with the highest level of confidence.

The solution is present at various stages of the identity value chain which has made it easier for citizens to access their data in a simple and secure way, as well as supporting organizations, especially those in the travel and transportation industry, to limit the risk of fraudulent documents while maintaining standard processes and systems.

The solution covers 3 main parts:

  • Proof of secure vaccination and test results
  • Generation of a secure vaccination certificate
  • Verification of the vaccination certificate


The IN COVID Pass solution integrates into the existing systems of health professionals which enables a secure QR code to be inserted into standard reports embedding the citizen data and the test or vaccination status.

The QR Code makes it possible to guarantee the authenticity, uniqueness, and non-repudiation of the certificate at the time of validation.

IN Groupe can provide various QR code technologies to secure the test or vaccination certificates:

  • 2D DOC (currently used by France)
  • The EU Digital COVID Certificate ( available from July for Europe)

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After receiving their vaccination or test results, citizens can then generate a COVID Pass (certificate). Within the International Health Pass Generation module, the vaccination data is retrieved in order to process and signed to confirm the authenticity and integrity.

For the user, they will need to connect to the International Health Pass web portal, select the type of pass ( ICAO, WHO, etc.) they want to generate, provide their QR code, then download the health pass from the site or receive it by email.

IN COVID Pass currently supports the following International Health Passes:

  • ICAO Certificate
  • IATA Certificate
  • EU COVID Certificate
  • WHO
  • National Certificates


Once the COVID Pass has been generated, the certificate can be controlled by a dedicated app or standardized app (recognized by ICAO digital seals / CSCA public keys).

The Certificate Verification module enables a check of the integrity of all health credentials and issues a preliminary health status. This service is available via several formats:

  • A mobile application available to authorized persons (Police, Border Control) allowing access to all information
  • A mobile application available to citizens allowing access to limited information
  • An API allowing the integration into 3rd party existing control systems or applications

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