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Identifying and authenticating holders

IN Groupe offers public services and various government-related organisations the option to equip their employees with an identification card or a strong authentication solution to provide them with optimal security.

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Authentication cards equipped with contact chips

  • 1 Shared and remote access

    The cardholder and the card manager have access to the files.

  • 2 Maximum security

    These solutions can record access to information systems as well as enable e-signatures.

Some strong authentication cards offer a second contactless chip for access control management

Cards produced for the police (gendarmerie, national police), customs, magistrates and clerks

  • Gendarmerie card

This card has two chips: one (contact) allows authentication and secure access to sensitive data, whilst the other (contactless) makes it possible to use a number of services such as building access control.

  • National Police Card

Both a professional card and an access badge, it is equipped with two electronic chips (one of which is contactless) and a magnetic stripe.

  • Customs Card

Throughout France, 18,000 customs officers possess this secure, unalterable card, which guarantees its holder's identification.

  • Magistrates and Clerks Card

It contains the digital certificates that enable bearers to authenticate themselves to produce electronic legal documents.

Our dedicated cards for government employees:

  1. include heightened authentication

  2. guarantee optimal security

  3. are high-performance solutions for secure and remote access

  4. make it possible to record access to information systems

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