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Credential Management System

Securely managing the full life cycle of your citizens' physical and digital identities

IN Groupe offers a solution with no vendor lock-in based on our experience issuing French government documents. This proven and scalable solution allows you to manage the full life cycle of your citizens' identities, during and after issuing, whether stored on a card or in a mobile phone.

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A scalable solution adapted to the needs of our clients

Identity card
  • 1 Solution with no vendor lock-in

    Our solution is based on a system built without components, technologies or interfaces that lock you in. It is also independent of chip, biometric device and algorithm manufacturers.

  • 2 Post-issuance identity management

    Enables credentials to be updated in closed (computer network) or open (Internet) environments with new attribute, certificate or applet data.

Smartphone and identity card
  • 3 OSIA and international standard conformity

    Built using open OSIA API standards allowing seamless connectivity between all of its components, our solution will give you flexibility and scalability.

  • 4 Reduce the cost of governance

    Solution enabling capitalisation and interoperability with Card and Passport Issuing Solutions

Securely manage the identities of your citizens

The uses for citizen identities are evolving. Initially limited to physical checks with a static document, they are tending towards new needs such as proof of identity or rights in the digital world. These new uses require new systems capable of managing dynamic digital identities and their hosting systems (smart card or mobile).

As a recognised expert in secure documents and issuing them, IN Groupe interacts with the world of decision-makers and influential leaders such as the ICAO, standardisation groups and OSIA.

The solution proposed by IN Groupe covers all processes, from enrolling the citizen to issuing their identity document to managing it afterwards: its entire life cycle is managed and identity medium data or features are updated. It is a modular and comprehensive solution for managing identity media.

Built using the latest generation of software platforms and service-oriented architecture (SOA) tools, it allows centralised or distributed personalisation of Credentials as well as enabling rights to be updated after issuance through other means than the Internet.

IN Groupe proposes a modular and comprehensive solution for managing identities and their physical or mobile media. We cover all processes, from enrolling the citizen to delivering the identity document to managing its afterwards: its entire life cycle is managed and identity medium data or features are updated.

How the Principality of Monaco uses the CMS as part of its digital identity system

IN Groupe offers an architecture that integrates a set of already operational and proven components, based on open standards. These components are the building blocks for any identity platform and include components such as the Credential Management System.

Discover how the Principality of Monaco uses IN Groupe, including the Credential Management System to deploy a digital identity system.


Our CMS enables:

  1. Management of the identity's life cycle and its associated rights

  2. Management of physical or mobile identity media

  3. Updating of identity media (data, certificates, applications, security updates)

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