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Together with businesses and professionals

Securing access, information and sensitive data, optimising productivity: IN Groupe helps businesses and professionals by providing the highest level of digital identity protection and service.

Securing physical and logical access

IN Groupe makes it possible for businesses to identify all employees and control physical and logical access as well as specifi c rights for each person.

Our Offer:

• Identification solutions

• Authentication solutions

• Signature

• Encrypting

• UContactless and contact use

• Physical access

Some References:

Orange company’s professional card

County fire service professional card

Protecting information

As a stakeholder in the digitalised economy and its security, IN Groupe offers a range of solutions to make digital data reliable.

Our Offer:

• E-administration platforms:

  • Multichannel enrolment
  • Instructing and issuing documents/rights
  • Managing document lifecycle

• Professional digital identity

Some References:

Chronoservices platform

Health professionals platform

Civil servant card management platform

Optimising productivity and reducing costs

IN Groupe also helps businesses with secure document services to continually increase daily protection...

Our Offer:

• Secure desktop publishing

• Single piece mail

• Letters incorporating a cheque

• Diplomas

• Certificates

• Dematerialisation

• Archiving

Some References:

Service for French university student procedures and services