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Serving states

From security problems to democratic challenges and including government services for citizens, IN Groupe helps governments exercise their sovereignty.

Securing Citizen Identity and National Territory

Thanks to its different solutions, IN Groupe makes it possible for states to control border crossing and contributes to protecting their territory, while making intelligent international mobility possible.

Our Offer :

• Contactless and contact electronic components

• Travel documents

• Document issuing systems

• Border control:

  • e-Gate/Kiosk
  • Central system that controls territorial entries and exits
  • Risk analysis

Some References:

France, Peru, Djibouti:
Biometric passport

Ghana, Morocco:
National identity card

Lyon, Marseille and Nice airports:

Improving Citizen Services and Productivity

As digital habits grow, IN Groupe helps administrations adapt to and adopt online secure services.

Our Offer:

• Service operator

• E-administration

Some References:

Crit’Air platform
(car pollution identifi cation according to Euro regulations)

CMI platform
(Carte Mobilité Inclusion is a card for invalidity, priority and parking rights)