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At the heart of citizen life

IN Groupe makes it possible for every citizen to obtain his or her identity, to keep it and to prove it, in order to benefi t from their rights and to undertake their obligations: driving, traveling, working, being cared for, receiving social assistance, voting, housing, free movement…

Providing a perfectly secure physical and digital identity

IN Groupe gives everyone full identity solutions in a secure manner that respect their personal information.

Our Offer:

• Physical identity solutions: national identity card, resident’s permit, driver’s licence, professional cards, stickers, cards authorising access to rights…

• All corresponding digital identity solutions

Some References:

Tachograph card

Morocco’s electronic national identity card

Transport card and sticker

Application INWallet

Simplifying online administrative procedures

IN Groupe offers citizens secure digital services to simplify their requests and help them get their administrative documents faster.

Our Offer:

• Standardised solutions to identify and authenticate an individual (electronic signature):

  • Référentiel général de sécurité (RGS – General security database)
  • Electronic Identifi cation, Authentication and trust Services (eIDAS)

• E-administration platform

Some References:

INWallet application

CMI platform
(Carte Mobilité Inclusion described above)

Crit’Air platform (
(described above)

Facilitating daily life

By providing solutions that include contactless and contact technology IN Groupe contributes to making citizen life smoother, in terms of moving around, for health procedures and paying.

Our Offer:

• Components and dual electronic contactless solutions

Some References:

Visa, Mastercard

Urban transport card