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Transport Sector Card

On behalf of the Department of Transport, IN Groupe, via its subsidiary « ChronoServices », manufactures, issues and manages the four smartcards associated with the electronic tachograph.

Working in collaboration with social partners and ministries, ChronoServices oversees the technical, legal and organisational aspects of the system.

ChronoServices supports drivers, transport companies, workshops and inspection authorities from day one (the initial card request) and throughout the card’s life:

  • Request conformity and recording: ChronoServices manages paper and electronic requests and completes, validates, digitizes and stocks the files.
  • Life cycle management: ChronoServices deals with rescissions, replacements and renewals. Via ChronoServices, inspection authorities have remote access to the database.
  • User services: Chronoservices manages card stocks and offers an internet and telephone hotline.

With over 700 000 active cards and a yearly production of 150 000 cards, ChronoServices is Governments’ trusted partner (France, Albania, Monaco and Malta amongst others).

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The Railroad Engineering Licence is an authentication and certification card. The card contains the holder’s examination results, medical examination results and training certificates.

Drawing on its experience as a security technology integrator and reliable service operator, IN Groupe offers four types of services: project assistance, system solution supply, personalized and non personalized document production and overall general document management.

IN Groupe’s offer covers all services related to production and personalization:

  • Card request: Initial request, replacement, duplicate, renewal
  • Administration: design, compliance, validation
  • Production, packaging, delivery and production report

Via its subsidiary « ChronoServices », IN Groupe produces, issues and manages the new Driver Qualification Card (620 000 drivers).

The Driver Qualification Card (CQC) records the driver’s qualification and training. It is updated every five years when the certificate is renewed. The Driver Qualification Card meets the requirements of European Directive 2003/59/CE, and is recognized by all EU member States.

IN Groupe offers an end-to-end solution, from request registration and processing, rights verification (checking if the driver’s licence valid) to card mailing. A wide range of integrated solutions for the production of this Driver Qualification Card is available at its production plant.

A simplified procedure in collaboration with state-sponsored training centres

IN Groupe by his subsidiary ChronoServices, manages the Driver Qualification Card in collaboration with state-sponsored training centres (Centres de Formation Agréés - CFA). CFAs have a major part to play, as they:

  • Inform drivers during their training
  • Hand out request forms to drivers
  • Send request forms to Chronoservices
  • Are in charge of giving the Driver Qualification Card to the driver.

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