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Officer ID card

Building on its experience, IN Groupe develops a wide range of agent and professional cards with identification and authentication systems tailored to the clients’ needs.

Our solutions range from identification cards to authentication cards with a contact-based interface and authentication cards fitted with a second non contact-based chip enabling access control management.

IN Groupe relies on its integrated systems to offer infrastructure consisting of secure visual design, data provision and personalization, management of the card’s life cycle (including tracking), and secure infrastructure, including PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and cryptographic systems, certificate publications and rescissions, PIN number management and editing, dispatching and potential returns management.

Identification cards

Security technologies incorporated in these cards not only provide identification of the cardholder but also identification of his/her job and/or mission. IN Groupe produces professional cards such as Taxi Cards, Police Cards and Customs Cards.

Focus on Customs Agent Cards

There are 18 000 new secure Customs Agent Cards in France. Micro-letters, invisible ink and watermarks are used to ensure document fraud protection. This securitization system makes it impossible to modify the card and guarantees the presence of a sworn civil servant.

Focus on Taxi Cards

The new Taxi Card has been specifically designed for France’s 52 000 taxi drivers. It is counterfeit-proof and resistant to UV radiation, thus guaranteeing its durability. This compulsory card will be placed on the taxi’s windshield hence proving the driver’s legal ability to practice his profession.

This compulsory card will be placed on the taxi’s windshield hence proving the driver’s legal ability to practice his profession.

Strong authentication card

Professional authentication electronic cards ensure maximum security to State agencies, organizations and private businesses.

The card’s contact-based chip provides secure access to information systems through mutualized access, remote access, digital signature and access recording. IN Groupe produces, amongst others, the Department of Justice card and the French Immigration and Insertion Office card.

Focus on Magistrate and Clerk Card

20 000 secure and personalized smart cards, with personal pin number. The new Department of Justice card contains electronic certificates thereby allowing Magistrates and Clerks to authenticate themselves and produce dematerialized and secure legal acts.

By adding a second, non contact-based chip, strong authentication cards can combine secure access to information systems and secure access to infrastructure.

IN Groupe also produces Municipal Police Officer cards (military police), Police cards (civil police) and Home Office cards.
IN Groupe’s offering includes secure card design and production expertise, economy of scale and personalization, interoperability, expertise in issuing infrastructure, a shared highly secure site and blank document transfer suppression.

Focus on Municipal Police Officer Cards

The Municipal Police Officer Card was the first mutli-service card of the French Administration. The Municipal Police Officer card works on a two-chip system: a contact-based chip for authentication and secure access to sensitive files and data, and a non contact-based chip for various services (access to buildings, daily services…).

Focus on the National Police Card

Through a set of integrated technologies by IN Groupe, under the control of work of the DPPSN and the CISD, the new agent card of the Ministry of Interior, which will cover all 184. 000 officers of the Ministry of the Interior by 2013, meets the highest security levels.

The size of a credit card, polycarbonate, it has two chips with a non-contact one, and also a magnetic stripe. Business card and badge, the new agent card of the Ministry of the Interior allows the electronic of signature acts (electronic records, e-mail) and provides access to secure locations and strong authentication to IT applications.

The new card will be issued to all officers of the Ministry of the Interior: National Police officers (active and government), police headquarters, the minister's office, members of the prefects, officials and the General Inspection Administration (IGA). Eleven specific designs were created, each referring to the special rights attached to the functions.

Our clients: Police, Municipal Police, Customs, State Departments, Professional Organizations, Local Authorities and Private Sector Businesses.