IN Groupe, The right to be you

Licences and Certificates

With a yearly production of 2,4 million driving licences, 12 million car registration cards and over 150 000 driver qualification cards, IN Groupe has become a reliable operator for numerous Governments.

IN Groupe can rely on a highly secure and competitive production system to produce secure documents in 24 hours:

  • A wide range of securitization techniques, which can be integrated to all documents.
  • Secure archiving system processes
  • A highly secure production plant

Licences and certificates developed and produced by IN Groupe contain no less than 11 security layers: lenticular image, micro-letters, watermark paper, invisible ink fluorescent under UV lamp, secure micro-letter background, multicolour optically variable ink, UV sensitive fibril in the watermark, specific typography and distorted characters.

IN Groupe’s offering varies depending on the document and certificate: project assistance, production system solution for personalized and non-personalized documents, life cycle management.

Car driving licences, boat driving licences and hunting permits are all manufactured by IN Groupe.

Focus on the Hunting Licence

Hunting Licences and accompanied hunting authorisations have been modernized. The new, high security, version is the size of a credit card. Just like passports, these laser engraved polycarbonate licences incorporate optical security features to enable the police to automate control and fight against fraud.