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Electronic Passport

IN Groupe manages all electronic passports processes - development, production and personalization - at its highly secure production plant, ISO 14298 certified (Intergraf).

The passports developed by our experts meet specific governmental requirements, in compliance with international standards set by ICAO: security – adapted to the various risks of fraud – and convenience, allowing quick control of the travel document. Issuing authorities also demand aesthetics – a document that will be the pride of their country – and technological options that guarantee their independence.

The different security features are designed and developed by our dedicated teams, in collaboration with the best providers of components and in a highly secure environment.

The paper, printed at our production plant, incorporates the best security features: multitoned registered watermarks or invisible UV fluorescent fibers, among other. Other features complete such as micro-lettering, tactile printing (Intaglio), optically variable inks and laser perforated numbering.

Intaglio printing
Optically variable ink
Laser perforation

IN Groupe oversees the whole production process of the passport booklets: conception, creation of the security design, high-security printing, integration of the inlays that contain the electronic chips, integration of the latest security technologies like polycarbonate datapage, assembly and final shaping. The booklets are then uniquely numbered to allow tracking.

Thanks to its secured industrial plant and fortified by its ISO 27001 certification, IN Groupe offers a very high level of data protection that complies with CNIL* requirements. It can hence personalize the secure document on its platform with encryption of biographic and biometric data of citizens.

* Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) or National Commission on Informatics and Liberty.

With 8 million electronic passports produced every year and a current total capacity of 10 million booklets, IN Groupe is one of the very first manufacturers worldwide, a technology integrator and service operator chosen by governments. A partner of the French government for close to 500 years, IN Groupe can offer short and guaranteed lead times (for the 4 million biometric passports personalized every year for French citizens, the production of the requests is carried out under 3 working days on average).

With more than 28 states trusting it to assist them in delivery of their documents, IN Groupe contributes to many national ePassports programs.

Beyond the supply of secure credentials, IN Groupe’s role enters into supporting states in the modernization of their facilities and of their issuing centers. IN Groupe develops tailored and reversible solutions, allowing states to keep their full autonomy in the management of their systems.

In addition, IN Groupe offers a wide range of secure components and services to National Printers manufacturing latest generation ePassports.

Among the references of IN Groupe: France, Uruguay, Peru, Gabon, Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, Ivory Coast, Benin, Bolivia.