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Electronic European Residence Permit

The European Residence Permit must meet high technical requirements in order to be counterfeit-proof. Drawing on IN Groupe’s long established reputation of expertise in highly secure technical integration, the French Government has entrusted the Group to produce the new European Residence Permit in France.

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The new, harmonized, European Residence Permit will come into effect in June 2011. This electronic version will replace the previous non-electronic format, which is not longer adequate. The European Residence Permit will have the same technical and security specifications as the biometric passport: secure data storage (facial image and critical information) in a chip. Subsequently, the EU Residence Permit may also be used as a contact-based interface, allowing the cardholder to access e-services via authentication and signature applications.

With an annual production of 800 000 EU Residence Permits and years of experience in the development and integration of security features, IN Groupe has become the State’s chosen partner.