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Electronic and Biometric Passport

IN Groupe manages all electronic and biometric passports processes - development, production and personalization - at its highly secure production plant.

The passports developed by our experts meet specific governmental requirements. The different layers of security are designed end developed by our dedicated team of experts.

The paper, printed at our production plant, incorporates the best security features: watermark, guilloches, invisible UV iridescence, holograms, micro letters, variable optic ink, ghost image, lenticular image.

Intaglio printing
Variable optic ink
Laser perforation

IN Groupe oversees the production process, integrates the latest security technologies, executes the forwarding and the gathering of secure documents.

IN Groupe’s site is a highly secure production plant. The site’s unequalled data protection complies with CNIL (National commission for IT and identity) requirements. It can hence personalize and encrypt secure documents and insert biometric elements.

With over 12,5 million electronic and biometric passport produced at our highly secure production plant since 2006, and short and guaranteed lead times (within 5 working days on average), IN Groupe has become the State’s technology integrator and a service operator.

IN Groupe contributes to many national ePassports programs. IN Groupe supports States in the modernization of their facilities and of their emission centers and develops tailored and reversible solutions, allowing States to keep the full autonomy in the management of their systems. IN Groupe offers a wide range of components and solutions to National Printers that are issuing ePassports.

Among the references of IN Groupe: France, Uruguay, Peru, Gabon, Palestine, Lebanon, Ivory Coast, Benin.