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Driving licence

Since 2006, the European Union has defined technical specifications with the aim of standardising driving licences in all the member countries. The main benefit is mutual recognition of drivers’ rights within the European Union. Standardisation of the range of rights has produced other benefits such as the ability of the authorities to check drivers’ rights with certainty.

The changes brought about by the new licence achieve a threefold objective: easier movement of European citizens thanks to harmonisation of the licence and licence categories and rules for obtaining them, to improve road safety and combat falsification.

Deployment by IN Groupe

In ID1 format and polycarbonate, the French driving licence produced and personalised by IN Groupe meets the requirements of the European Directive and those of the ISO standards for smart cards.

IN Groupe has deployed its experience, knowledge and expertise in defining the protection parameters of the licence, its design and production and issue.

Security features

IN Groupe has incorporated the most innovative security features into French driving licences in order to protect their integrity.

The driving licence is a polycarbonate card with a transparent border. This security feature has already been implemented for ID products such as the electronic European residence permit. Border control and police approve this basic (level 1) security measure (visual), easily recognisable but extremely complex to produce.

The driving licence incorporates a hologram with a directional colour change effect. This feature is already deployed for the French passport. This new generation hologram is widely known to and approved by border control and police forces, which provides the best possible security.

Other security features incorporated into the driving licence, such as iridescence, ghost images, special characters, visible and invisible inks revealed under ultra-violet light, variable optical marks or even variable laser images make it possible to verify the authenticity of a secure credential.

Industrial performance & security

France is the first European country to deploy driving licences with a secure chip. The chip can only be read by the forces of law and order and contains information about the holder engraved on the card (civil status of the driver, photograph, date of issue and issue number, categories for which the driver is qualified, any restrictions on the right to drive).

The French driving licence will be the first polycarbonate card with transparent border in the world to be deployed en masse (several million units per annum). This industrial performance is possible thanks to the development of unique industrial tools and the development of a robust and dedicated industrial process. This technology provides additional security, and is not just an innovation but a world first.

Production, personalisation and issue

The production and personalisation of the French driving licence is centralised on IN Groupe’s production site.

IN Groupe produces and personalises more than 3 million driving licences per annum. Envelope insertion and dispatch direct to the addressee will now also be carried out by IN Groupe.