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Continuous Printing

IN Groupe’s Continuous Printing offer includes the management of your secure documents printed on continuous paper reels. It handles the entire process: design, composition, securitization, personalization, printing, forwarding, storage and dispatching.

Through its wide and complementary product line, continuous printing can offer solutions tailored to companies’ communication needs, and efficient and economically sound solutions for specific and varied needs.

IN Groupe’s continuous printing product line includes cheque vignettes, cheques and treasury cheques, invoices, statements in large quantities, letterheads, meal vouchers, holiday vouchers, all LIRE prints, Sésame labels, integrated cards or health insurance cards.

Our strong points:

  • Performance:
    IN Groupe has been the State’s official printing office for over 500 years. It boasts France’s sole fiduciary prepress and biggest production site.
  • Quality:
    our productions are ISO 9001 and NF K 11-112 certified. We work hand in hand with a network of certified partners and make sustainable development a priority (FSC and PEFC paper, Imprim’Vert labels).
  • Security:
    a 15 000m2 secure storage platform, available at our highly secure production plant.
  • Order tracking:
    thanks to a multimodal order management, both centralized and decentralized.
  • Reliable delivery time:
    we deliver within 48h for all deliveries in France.
  • Cost optimization:
    thanks to our overall process management and our purchase expertise.