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Cloud Printing

As a pioneer of dematerialization, IN Groupe offers a personalized mail solution that enables a secure mutualisation of outgoing flows.

IN Groupe’s personalized mail solution includes:

  • Digital receipt of individual mail.
  • Document securitization and coherence.
  • Mailing mutualisation.

Our strong points:

  • Economies of scale worth several million euros:
    production costs are divided by four on average, workforce cuts for the pre-classification phase, 20% saved on postage, and automated mailing of registered mail.
  • Coherent communication:
    in compliance with your graphic style guidelines and lead time.
  • A wide range of services:
    IN Groupe handles all types of mail and offers a wide range of mailing modes.
  • High security standards:
    IN Groupe operates on secure processes. Your confidential mail will be managed at our specialized and highly secure site.
  • Document durability:
    thanks to automated archiving on our secure servers.
  • A transparent process:
    IN Groupe ensures mail traceability and processing follow-up.

IN Groupe is a true reliable operator with a security culture.