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Trust at the heart of our identities

Decentralisation as much as globalisation, the need to be competitive, the dematerialization of communication and the development of the digital economy, the movement of people and the circulation of information combined with increasingly complex flows, are daily increasing security needs for personal identities, goods and data.

In the context of these rapid and profound changes, every public and private organisation faces new complexities, all linked to the individual liberties of people, citizens, users and employees.

In the face of digital changes, IN Groupe supports public and private operators with the production of credentials, securing documents and the integration of trusted services and technological solutions.

Against the background of these radical changes associated with the emergence of digital technologies, IN Groupe supplies high added value services to French and international public and private operators:

  • Engineering of sovereign credentials
  • Global management of identities and credentials
  • Protection of sensitive data
  • Control of flws and complex printing

An historic operator and partner of the French State and its public services for the production of credentials and secure documents, IN Groupe has become a provider combining trusted services, secure solutions and high technology.

A trusted partner

The ambition of IN Groupe is to become the trusted strategic partner of public services, businesses and States in the issue, security and management of personal data and credentials by guaranteeing security, durability and confidentiality in its service provision.

Odyssey 2020

The new strategic 5-year plan "Odyssey 2020" is part of the willingness to make IN Groupe a leader in secure identity solutions, becoming a trusted player in the migration of professional and sovereign identities to electronic identity, and being an innovative provider of digital and physical services.

Didier Trutt’s ambition for IN Groupe is to create value for customers, shareholders and employees – profitable growth sustained in each of its five solutions (Components, Credentials, ID, Data and Flows) by strengthening its technological building blocks and through a constant search for innovative and highly competitive solutions.

Competitive innovation as a key vector of growth.